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Future Trends in Shaft Development

Data: środa 25.02.2015

Sesja: International Mining Forum 2015 – część I

Godzina/Sala: 14:00 - 14:20 - A

Tytuł: Future Trends in Shaft Development

Autorzy: E. Neye, W. Burger, A. Frey, D. Petrow-Ganew, B. Künstle - Herrenknecht AG


Mining companies have to break new ground to further modern, efficient and safe future mining projects. Herrenknecht supports companies on this path with innovative machine technology. For mining companies accessing deep mineral deposits or developing under-ground mine infrastructure the aim today has to be to create safe and attractive work places for personnel while enhancing the shaft excavation rates significantly. Mechanized shaft development is the way to go.
The application of mechanized shaft sinking machinery will lead to an increase of the overall performance due to simultaneous succession of work steps and thus the net present value of the project. Herrenknecht AG has developed in close contact to the mining industry shaft excavation applications for different shaft and project requirements to match the industry´s needs.


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