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Mineral Resources & Energy Congress (SEP) is both the largest and the most important conference in Polish mining industry. Every year it gathers over 500 participants, authors and invited guests, including board members of biggest polish mining enterprises. Since the very beginning it is organised by the team of Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences with Jerzy Kicki, Ph.D. as the Chairman of the Organisational Committee.

XXXIII Mineral Resources & Energy Congress (SEP)

XXXIII Mineral Resources & Energy Congress (SEP) will take place on 26-28.02.2024 in Cracow, QUBUS hotel, Nadwiślańska st. 6.

XXXIII Mineral Resources & Energy Congress (SEP) – PROGRAMME  


10:00- 13:00 Plenary session: Challenges of energetical transformation in the industry

13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-19:00 Topical sessions:

  1. New techniques and technologies in underground mining
  2. Technical challenges of a rising scale of natural hazards – tremor and rock bump hazard
  3. Mining geomatics part I
  4. Automatization and monitoring of production process in underground mines – polish experiences in inplementing the INDUSTRY 4.0 paradigm
  5. Methane from coal mines in Poland – efficient limiting of emission for climate protection
  6. Decarbonization and energy storages
  7. Mining in the era of Green Transformation – technological and ecological changes in post-industrial areas
  8. Technical challenges of a rising scale of natural hazards – mining aerology
  9. Leaders of transformation in coal regions – East Greater Poland

13:00- 17:30 Galaxy Hotel – Cybersecurity in the industry – new challenges and opportunities

19:00-20:00 Dinner
20:00 – SEP Evening – stand-up comedy by Marcin Daniec


8:00-9:00 – Breakfast
9:00-14:00 Topical Sessions:

  1. New techniques and technologies in underground mining – progress in mechanization of production processes
  2. Technical challenges of a rising scale of natural hazards – Tunnel stability
  3. Mining geomatics part II
  4. Digital transformation and AI in the industry – artificial intelligence in exploration and exploitation of mineral resources
  5. „How it was, is, and will be with this coal”
  6. Mining OK – mining industry as a leader of sustainable development – challenges posed by stakeholders, CSRD directive and ESRS standards
  7. New techniques and technologies in underground mining – underground construction

9:00- 14:00 Galaxy Hotel – Cybersecurity in the industry – new challenges and opportunities pt. II

14:00-15:00 Lunch
16:00-20:00 – Industry State Reports, Discussion Panel and official Gala in the J. Słowacki Theatre
20:00-23:00 – Cocktail at theatre foyer


8:00-9:00 breakfast

  1. Day with Energetics and RES
  2. Open Day of Centre for Sustainable Management of Minerals and Energy of MEERI PAS ( 7a Wybickiego st.)
  3. Galaxy Hotel – Cybersecurity in the industry – new challenges and opportunities pt. III

Application and fees

Detailed price-list for XXXIII Mineral Resources & Energy Congress can be found in a participant form (editable pdf).

As a part of conference fee participant has guaranteed:

  • accommodation and full catering (breakfast, lunch and dinner plus coffee breaks and cocktail)
  • participation in deliberations and cultural and social events
  • conference proceedings of the XXXIII Mineral Resources & Energy Congress
  • special publications

Information for authors

Applying lectures and presentations

In order to register a lecture, you should register your account on our website and fill an online application form.

After the process of registration you should click on the activation link, which will be sent to your e-mail address. Logging in to the account is possible after that activation process.
In some cases e-mail may be recognized as a spam. Therefore, please check your e-mail not excepting spam folder. If you didn’t find the activation link, please send an inquiry by e-mail to

Important dates

    • registering lecture’s topics – 15.01.2024
    • applying lectures – 31.01.2024 in form consistent with publishing requirements 
    • early participant conference fee – by 25.01.2024
    • normal conference fee – after 25.01.2024


There are many opportunities for promotion of companies during Mineral Resources & Energy Congress

• Advertising during the Congress:

  • commercial presentation of the company’s activities
  • an exhibition in the conference hall
  • banner placed in the conference room
  • the presentation on the plasma panels in the conference hall
  • promotional evening or sponsoring an evening concert (performance by a musical band)
  • title of an official sponsor of one of technical sessions or a plenary session
  • title of golden, silver or bronze sponsor of XXXIII SEP

• Advertisements in the Congress Information Bulletin

• An advertisement at the Congress website

• An advertisement (color page) and promotional article in the conference proceedings on CD or DVD disc


Full Offer of Advertising and Sponsoring (download pdf file)
Advertisement order form (fill and send)

Please send orders up to:

      • 25.01.2024 for the advertisements in publications
      • 10.02.2024 for the on-line advertisements on the website
      • 10.02.2024 for the presentations and displays made during the Congress

If you miss the deadline above please contact us through e-mail or telephone call.

In case of sending multiple orders of a given advertisement slot advertisements will be assigned in the order in which requests are received.

In case of advertisements in publications please contact us to discuss their format and visual aspects.
Aside from the options listed in the order form we offer several ways of advertising:

      • Inserting company’s logo on Congress participants’ ID’s
      • Inserting company’s logo on Congress Guide
      • Inserting company’s logo on other items handed out to participants
      • Printing and sending invitations (format A-6) for a presentation, promotional evening or display.
      • Inserting your promotional materials in conference packages.

If You cant join us, but still want to present Your offer to the leaders of Polish mining industry, send us a presentation of your company – we’ll make sure it will be noticed!

In order to discuss the details, please contact:

Jacek Jarosz
Vice-Chairman of the Organizational Committee
tel./fax: +48 12 632 13 24, mob.: +48 608 186 594
Wybickiego St. 7A, 31-261 Cracow, Poland